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NextJs & Markdown.

Fri Apr 17 2020Written by: Christopher Jones

Taking my first stab at NextJs and Markdown!

NextJs & Markdown

So... this is my first attempt at creating a blog with NextJs and using Markdown. I'm so used to creating a blog with Wordpress but as wordpress continues to bloat the internet with its massive infrastructure my goal is to simply reduce.

For The Record

Setting up a blog is fairly easy with javascript but while using markdown and the server-side rendering capabilities with NextJs, there's definitely so configuring that has to be done. Once it is done I can say it's fairly easy to maintain.

All that it took for this page to be rendered with styling was the code block below. And then of course the markdown below it.

    layout: 'Post/index'
    title: 'This is our first blog post'
    description: 'Taking my first stab at NextJs and Markdown!'
    image: '/images/first-blog-keyboard.jpg'
    date: '2020-04-17'

The meta object that you see is just the meta data for the page for SEO purposes. and the Post component is what styles the entire page and we pass in that metadata into the post... and walah (However you spell it lol)!

I didn't intend for this article to be long as it is only for testing but stay tuned for future articles as they will be talking about branding, development, and all that we do.

👍🏾 Thanks for reading.

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