The Kirk Concept, We unlock brand dominance through branding, design systems, and app development.


create a brand worth marketing.

Marketing without a brand is a missed opportunity.

Dominant Branding Sustains

We don’t recommend marketing without first establishing a brand that can handle it. We understand revenue is important to every business, but revenue doesn’t sustain itself, branding does.


Our detailed Approach To branding

We’ve developed a detail-oriented and thorough approach to branding that delivers a trustworthy and timeless brand that lasts. Our goal is not only to create a brand, but align your company beliefs and values to the brand. When a business creates a personality that directly communicates their customers needs and values, it has found the sweet spot between company intentions and customer goals.

We ONLY work with companies that are passionate about communicating their brand across all mediums and ultimately lead to customer retention and loyalty.

What you can Expect working With our team

Our process is extremely simple. To establish a clear understanding of your existing brand equity we have you answer a branding questionnaire to gather the necessary information for our research phase. Following the research phase we clarify and approve the desired direction. From there, we begin the design process.

Whether we are keeping a logo and assets the same or recreating new assets for the new brand, we go through a series of internal sketch phases to provide options of directions that align with the new approved brand direction. This process becomes very collaborative between our team and your company. We understand the importance of your input throughout the process and it will be considered during our explorations.

Once we confirm the new look and feel of the new brand, we will create a brand guideline for and your team to follow and hold the world accountable. In this brand guideline you will find brand voice, logos, colors, fonts, imagery, proportions, icons, and so much more to package up your brand into a reliable brand bible.

ready for brand dominance?

We love working with businesses that have been validated and are serious about making a statement in their industry! If you are interested in any of our services and want to see how we can work together, fill out our questionnaire and let's get started!